A Guide to Slip and Fall Accidents

The unfortunate accidents by fall can occur anytime anywhere.  The victim will suffer personal bodily injuries.  Some get permanently disabled and they can no longer enjoy life and lose the salaries because they cannot be able to continue working.  As the property owner you will stand liable for compensation against the suffering of the victim.  The injured person will seek compensation from you what is popularly knows premises liability claim.  You owe every user of your property a duty of care.  You can prevent these accidents by warning visitors on risks that are likely to cause them. Click here to get started.


You can lose a lot of resources in form of compensation for bodily injury claims.  For that reason, you need to know and understand the most common slip and fall accidents.Wet and slippery flaws.  They are potential causes of accidents due to fall and slip.  You have a responsibility to inform visitors that the floors of your premises are covered by snow or water before you arrange to mop and dry.


Cluttered floors.  You will need to avoid stacking of merchandise in isles, and piling up of equipment on pathways in order to avoid accidents in your premise.  The poorly and recklessly arranged machines in your store can cause obstruction to a visitor fall down and break his leg.  Like wise to debris from the walls scattered all over the floor pose a potential risk for accidents to visitors and you will be the one liable for the misfortune.


Damaged floors as well are risky.  Do you have torn carpets and mats in your premises? Cheap they may be but they can cost you tens of thousands of dollars even more.  You should not neglect those loose floor tiles, floor boards and loose stair threads. A person can step on them and switch their positions and cause an imbalance on his weight and take him to the floor.  The same can happen to loose handrails.  You need to quickly notice these defects and take action before cost a life.


Poor lighting is another potential cause of accidents resulting from fall.  Insufficient lighting in your premises will make it impossible for a visitor to see an object on the way neither will he be able to notice that the walking surface has changed for him to adjust in his walking style.  The condition will get worse if the area is having holes, trenches and other openings on the ground.  You are required to take a quick action of filling up the holes and improving the lighting as you put signs alerting users of the existing dangers.


You can prevent majority of accidents resulting from slip and fall in your premises once you take precautionary measures to mitigate upon prevailing risks. Visit website for more info.


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