Slip and Fall Accidents: A Quick Guide

It is a reasonable thing to trip and fall at times, maybe because you didn't watch your steps or a wrong footing, at times the level of the ground is not even and causes you to slip or even a wet floor that is slippery. When you fall, it's good to assess the extent of your damage first to make sure you are safe or require medical attention. Check for open wounds that could be bleeding or swelling tissues that can cause alarm for you to visit a physician. You should consider the following aspects to give you a guideline on how to move forward and ensure you get compensation. Click here to get started.


Determining liability

In the cause of learning what made you fall, it is important to note that not all falling accidents are due to the negligence of a property owner. Some can be as a result of individuals' carelessness like being in a hurry and not concentrating on where you are going thus hitting an obstacle and falling.


Others are like if there was a sign warning of impending danger like a defective staircase, it is clearly due to one ignoring the signage. Were the reasons why you were at the dangerous place reasonable enough to grant authority or did you trespass? Some of the above ideas help you figure out whether you can sue for personal injury.

If it was negligence by the owner of the property, the Law looks at whether the proprietor of the premises had knowledge of an existing dangerous situation in his or her environment? Did he or she take the appropriate action? It also looks at the schedule under which the owner of a place takes time to repair and maintain structures to keep them at the right standard. For more info, visit this website.


Another aspect is that off if it was an obstacle was it legitimate to have it there? Is there somewhere better it can be placed to avoid inconvenience? Did the owner put signs to notify other parties in the area so that they keep out? Or lastly did poor spacing and lighting play a role in causing the accident too?


If you look at the above points and they look favorable to you, then you stand a chance in court, and you should immediately consult an attorney to get your team in action and not get beaten by time. You should also notify the insurance company to start the assessment process and describe to them the accident.


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